Consumer Mail Online

Deliver your correspondence to consumers quickly & securely online saving time & costs and gathering insight to help drive your operational processes

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What is Consumer Mail Online

Consumer Mail Online is the perfect solution for companies that deal in high volume correspondence to consumers on a daily basis.

It can be retro fitted into internal systems by way of the API availble to customers enabling fast and secure communications to consumers taking pressure of your call centres and streamlining the life cycle of the account.

Access to correspondence is fully customisable to the level of security you require which in turn then plays a massive part in your internal operational workflows in getting information to consumers fast, helping gain immediate benefits from key actions they can take on their accounts.

Actions such as accepting repayment plans you offer, transferring documents to back up claims where disputes exist and complete transparency of all activity performed help you proactively overcome disputes in realtime of the consumer recieving their correspondence where standard post can be put to the wayside or get overlooked.

The Benefits!

Why should I use it

More Secure

Correspondence viewed via a Secure Weblink meaning no risk of a 3rd party opening the letter or viewing a shared family email mailbox.

DPA Checks

Access to the correspondence secured by personal data such as Date of Birth/Surname/Postcode to name but a few

Fast Views/Responses

Fast Email/SMS delivery means consumer has the ability to view correspondence within seconds and optionally respond/answer questions customised in your portal.

Location Flexibility

At times consumers will go on holiday or move house, no more delays recieving their correspondence as most will have their mobile to hand.

Be Proactive

A full audit trail is logged of delivery/acccess to the correspondence to allow you to do things such as Set Callbacks/Respond to DPA Fails/Action Responses.

Environmentally Friendly

We all know how important Going Green is in this day and age, Consumer Mail Online will dramatically decrease your current paper correspondence.

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